Online Gifts Direct

Who We Are

Online Gifts Direct is a family-owned UK based company whose number one priority is your happiness. We are specialists in gifts of all kinds whether you are celebrating your big day or you want to say thank you to a particular person in your life.

Our situation as a family run business allows us to specialise in a small niche and focus on high-quality delivery. We take our products' personalisation and uniqueness to the utmost seriousness and set standards to beat in the industry.

To maintain that top ranking, our team gathers the best quality products from far and wide. We ensure that we are inclusive and diverse in terms of gender, social set-up, religion, and other affiliations. Online Gifts Direct's customer services team is always ready to help and direct you whenever you need something.

What We Do

At Online gift direct, we give our customers a chance to express themselves in the gift they want to send to their loved ones. We provide a range of personalised assistance with unique customisation.  Everything we do aims to meet individual tastes and preferences.

We put our products into different categories to help you identify and pick what you want with ease. Some of these categories include,

In this category, we have several items that are ideal for special people in your life. The items are much flexible, and you could gift your loved one at any time in any season. It doesn't matter whether it is a Sunday, Monday, or Birthday. For example, if you visit your grandparents or favourite teacher, peruse through this category and pick something nice of them.

If you plan to grace your best friends' or family member's big day, this is the right category for you. Here we have everything whether you are attending a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, or you are gifting your better half on valentine's day.

The best thing about our services in this category is the flexibility and creativity we give you. For example, if you plan a Halloween party, we can provide you with whatever costume you want.

No one beats us in gift cards. We creatively personalise your cards to illuminate the mood, emotions, and feeling you want to portray. Whether you are gifting your son for their birthdays or wishing someone a quick recovery, we give what you want.

How We Do It

Apart from creativity in our products' personalisation, we show some stellar performance in how we go by our daily business. Here is How we do it

Safe And Secure, And Timely Delivery

When you order anything from us, we guarantee total safety, security, and privacy in your delivery services. Your product will reach its destination in one piece and in time.

Affordable Products With No Hidden Charges

We are one online gift store that will not charge you any extra penny; the price you see on the catalog is what you pay. Our personalisation comes at no cost regardless of the work involved. On top of that, we dish out lots of unbeatable discounts on every product.

We are always happy to hear how we can make any improves to our services and always open to feedback. Please email for more information.

Online Gifts Direct